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Hair Growth Shampoo | 250ml
Promotes Hair Growth and Volume | Cleanse Scalp Deeply | Rich In Protein
25 Verified Reviews
Sale price₹290 Regular price₹295
(2% OFF)
Onion Hair Cleansing Shampoo | 300ml
Strengthens Hair Strands | Cleanses and Nourishes Hair Roots | Provides Silky and Shiny Hair
22 Verified Reviews
Sale price₹469 Regular price₹499
(6% OFF)
Moroccan Argan Hair Oil | 100ml
Deeply Nourishes Hair Roots | Effective For Frizzy & Brittle Hair | Treats Dandruff
22 Verified Reviews
Sale price₹355 Regular price₹375
(5% OFF)
Onion Hair Conditioner | 300ml
Boosts Hair Growth | Treats Scalp Infections | Retains Moisture In Hair
21 Verified Reviews
Sale price₹469 Regular price₹499
(6% OFF)
Hair Care Combo Kit- Onion Hair Shampoo, Conditioner & Hair Oil
Strengthens Hair Roots & Prevents Hair Fall | Adds Shine To Hair | Reactivates Hair Follicles | Enhances Hair Volume | Deeply Nourishes Hair Roots | Effective For Frizzy & Brittle Hair
11 Verified Reviews
Sale price₹950 Regular price₹1,347
(29% OFF)
Onion, Bhringraj and Moroccan Argan Hair Oil - Combo | 100 ml X 3
Strengthens Hair Roots and Prevents Hair Fall | Adds Shine To Hair | Reactivates Hair Follicles | Enhances Hair Volume | Deeply Nourishes Hair Roots | Effective For Frizzy and Brittle Hair
2 Verified Reviews
Sale price₹899 Regular price₹1,099
(18% OFF)
Hair Care Kit- Onion Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Oil and Redensyl serum
- prevents hairfall - stimulates hair growth - prevents thinning of hair - for head full of hair
Sale price₹1,299 Regular price₹1,796
(28% OFF)
Hair Oil Combo- Onion and Bhringraj Hair Oil - | 100 ml X 2
Strengthens Hair Roots & Prevents Hair Fall | Adds Shine To Hair | Reactivates Hair Follicles | Enhances Hair Volume | Deeply Nourishes Hair Roots | Effective For Frizzy & Brittle Hair
Sale price₹625 Regular price₹744
(16% OFF)

Shop Natural Hair Growth Products Online From Earthraga 

Both men and women have valued having healthy hair since the beginning of time, and who wouldn't even want a healthy scalp? However, the majority of adults now suffer from severe hair problems as a result of high levels of pollution, stress, and constant heat. Get ready to say goodbye to frizzy, dry hair and explore our range of the best hair fall and regrowth products for glossy and voluminous hair. Earthraga's best products for hair fall feature Hair Shampoo, Hair Oil, and Hair conditioner, all made with almond oil, onion extract, rosemary oil, Bhringraj, and more. All our hair regrowth products combined are a unique mixture that stops hair loss from the roots and makes hair healthier. 

Explore A Curated Range Of Hair Fall Control Products

We offer a wide range of hair fall products, including shampoo, oil, and conditioner for healthier and shinier hair. So here is a brief of our best hair growth products:

  • Hair Oil

Earthraga's hair oil line includes Moroccan Argan Oil, which rejuvenates dry, brittle strands into smoother, stronger hair with a lustrous shine; Deep Nourishment Onion Hair Oil, which prevents hair loss and promotes growth; and Vedic Bhringraj Hair Oil, which provides holistic nourishment and long, strong hair. 

  • Hair Growth Shampoo

Earthraga Hair Growth Shampoo is enhanced with avocado oil for deep hydration and scalp health, supplemented with rice protein for nourishing and anti-frizz properties, and composed of organically derived cleansers for gentle yet effective cleansing. Our hair regrowth products are dermatologist-tested, 100% organic, and appropriate for all hair types.

  • Onion hair conditioner

With plant keratin for strength and flexibility, aloe vera for scalp health, olive oil for moisture retention and follicle fortification, onion extract for scalp stimulation and hair growth, and pea protein for hair repair and volume, Earthraga Onion Hair Conditioner is a powerful combination of natural ingredients.

Why Should You Choose Earthraga To Buy Organic Skin Care & Hair Care Products Online?

The fact that our natural skincare and hair care products have been dermatologist-tested and approved is one of the many reasons to buy from Earthraga. Our products have no harmful additives such as parabens, silicones, or sulfates and are made entirely of natural materials. Earthraga is committed to being upfront and truthful about all the components we use in our hair fall products. As such, we never test our products on animals during product development. Earthraga is the finest location to get everything skin and hair-related because we offer natural, organic, cruelty-free, and the best natural skin care products for women, and browse other collections such as products for grey hair, anti-aging products, etc., and achieve a naturally glowing skin & luscious hair strands.


Q. How long does it take to see effective results after using hair growth shampoo?

The exact timeframe for noticing results from using our hair growth shampoo is at least 3-4 weeks. As our shampoo is 100% organic and contains no sulfates or parabens, you can utilize it daily to see effective results on your hair.

Q. How often should I use this oil to prevent hair fall or premature greying?

You can use our hair oil regularly or whenever your hair needs it to prevent premature greying and hair fall. Prefer to apply the oil at night before sleeping for the best outcome.

Q. What is the best hair growth product?

‘Hair Growth Shampoo' and 'Hair Oil' by Earthraga are the best hair products. These need to be used regularly to see results in a few weeks. 

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