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Kumkumadi Day Cream SPF 30 | 100gm
Shields Skin From Sun Rays | Reduces Wrinkles |Treats Pigmentation | Brightens Skin
42 Verified Reviews
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(5% OFF)
Bakuchiol Day Cream | 100gm
Improves Skin Elasticity and Reduce Wrinkles | Moisturizes Skin
39 Verified Reviews
Sale price₹499 Regular price₹549
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Nature's Touch: Understanding the Magic of Natural Day Creams

Nature has long been a source of inspiration and remedy for skin concerns for skincare enthusiasts.  Natural day creams infused with the goodness of botanicals are new additions to the list of ‘skincare favorites’ of many. Unlike conventional creams laden with synthetic ingredients, organic day creams like the Age Defying and Rejuvenating Bakuchiol Day Cream and Youth Glow Kumkumadi Day Cream from Earthraga are made using pure natural ingredients.

Our carefully formulated day cream for the face is packed with plant-derived ingredients that work together to protect the skin barrier, reduce wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage, soothe the skin, and moisturize the skin. As you start being consistent in using age-defying day cream, you start noticing how your skin texture improves and restores brightness. 

The Organic Advantage: How Organic Day Creams Benefit Your Skin?

Being the best organic day cream in the market, this day cream for glowing skin proves to be an absolute miracle. Earthraga's Day creams are highly potent in delivering what they offer. With the ability to overshadow the effectiveness of moisturizers, this day cream for wrinkles blends the benefits of sunscreen, moisturizers, and anti-aging creams. Our commitment to organic formulations ensures the best organic day cream is free from harmful chemicals and synthetic additives to retain purity. Instead, these creams boast a rich blend of organic ingredients such as bakuchiol, kumkumadi, rose petal extract, lotus extract, coconut oil, shea butter, argan oil, avocado oil, and other natural extracts.

Our best daily-use cream not only nourishes the skin but also reduces skin irritation, calms the skin, and evens out the skin complexion. Simply massage the best day cream for glowing skin daily in the morning, improve blood circulation all over the face, and get a dewy no makeup look instantly. The natural properties of the day cream also boost collagen production, make the skin firm, and generate new cells. Buy day cream online for a young, healthy, bright look at affordable prices!

Why Choose Earthraga?

Earthraga stands out in the skincare industry for being a brand known for its cruelty-free, dermatologically approved formulations that skin loves. Whether it’s a day cream or any other beauty essential, the brand sticks to its commitment to quality and uses natural and organic elements to take your skincare game up a notch. Skincare becomes a luxurious and effective experience with Earthraga. No matter which skin or hair care product/s you choose from us, you will see visible results in 3 to 6 months. Check out our range of natural face care products, our organic night cream, natural face wash, organic face scrub, face mask, and much more!

Frequently Asked Questions on Day Cream

What distinguishes organic day creams from conventional ones?

The ingredient list is the major difference between natural day creams and conventional creams. While the latter may contain synthetic additives and chemicals, organic day creams by Earthraga are free from those and  contain botanical extracts.

Are organic day creams suitable for all skin types?

Yes, organic day creams are fit for dry, oily, sensitive, or combination skin. The natural elements in Earthraga day creams hydrate the skin, balance the pH level, and protect from sun rays.

Can organic day creams address specific skincare concerns like ageing or hyperpigmentation?

Yes. Organic day creams for wrinkles such as the Age Defying and Rejuvenating Bakuchiol Day Cream and Youth Glow Kumkumadi Day Cream SPF 30 are rich in anti-aging properties that reduce wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation and promote youthful, bright skin. 

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