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Bhringraj Hair Oil | 100ml
Reactivates Hair Follicles | Enhances Hair Volume | Boosts Blood Circulation In Scalp
22 Verified Reviews
Sale price₹375 Regular price₹395
(5% OFF)
Moroccan Argan Hair Oil | 100ml
Deeply Nourishes Hair Roots | Effective For Frizzy & Brittle Hair | Treats Dandruff
22 Verified Reviews
Sale price₹355 Regular price₹375
(5% OFF)
Onion Hair Oil | 100ml
Strengthens Hair Roots & Prevents Hair Fall | Antimicrobial | Adds Shine To Hair
21 Verified Reviews
Sale price₹340 Regular price₹349
(3% OFF)
Onion, Bhringraj and Moroccan Argan Hair Oil - Combo | 100 ml X 3
Strengthens Hair Roots & Prevents Hair Fall | Adds Shine To Hair | Reactivates Hair Follicles | Enhances Hair Volume | Deeply Nourishes Hair Roots | Effective For Frizzy & Brittle Hair
2 Verified Reviews
Sale price₹899 Regular price₹1,099
(18% OFF)
Hair Oil Combo- Onion and Bhringraj Hair Oil - | 100 ml X 2
Strengthens Hair Roots & Prevents Hair Fall | Adds Shine To Hair | Reactivates Hair Follicles | Enhances Hair Volume | Deeply Nourishes Hair Roots | Effective For Frizzy & Brittle Hair
Sale price₹625 Regular price₹744
(16% OFF)

Nourish Your Hair Roots with Organic & Natural Hair Oil

Are shiny, jet-black tresses your hair goal? Then you are among the 83% of the population who are craving it but only a few have achieved it. Thinning hair, hair breakage, and hair loss are some of the most worrying hair concerns that people of all genders and ages are struggling with. With the goodness of organic and natural ingredients, Earthraga's the best hair oil online for hair growth elevates your hair care routine. Our carefully selected ingredients, such as bhringraj oil, onion oil, and Moroccan argan oil, ensure a luxurious and nourishing experience for your locks. With regular use of hair growth oil, you not only notice significant hair growth but also face reduced issues like frizz, brittleness, and dandruff.

Getting the long, lustrous mane as seen on Disney characters becomes true by using organic hair oil for hair growth from Earthraga. Our premium selection of natural hair oils is a blend of nature's finest ingredients.  As you become consistent with the use of hair fall control oil, your hair volume improves, boosts blood circulation in the scalp, and strengthens hair roots. 

Explore Earthraga’s Range of Oil for Hair Loss and Regrowth

While Earthraga has a range of organic hair growth oils, each oil works separately to combat hair loss and promote regrowth. Our organic hair oil range includes potent formulations like Bhringraj Hair Oil, Onion Oil, and Moroccan Argan Hair Oil. While the Bhringraj oil reactivates hair follicles and boosts blood circulation, the onion oil deeply nourishes the roots and reduces hair fall. The Moroccan Argan Hair Oil treats dandruff and repairs frizzy, brittle hair. Pick any one or two of our best oils for hair loss and regrowth. 

The richness of the hair growth oil leaves behind a revitalized and rejuvenated mane that’s easy to take care of and style. 

Tips That You Should Follow While Applying Hair Oil

Using hair oil can be a beneficial routine to keep hair and scalp healthy. Here are some tips to follow when applying hair oil.

1. It is generally recommended to apply hair oil to a clean, dry scalp. This ensures that the oil penetrates the strands deeper, allowing it to absorb onto the scalp and strengthen your roots. 

2. Slightly heat the oil before the application. You can either leave the container in warm water for a few minutes or rub it in between your palms. Warmed oil is easier to spread and absorb very quickly.

3. Your hair's length and thickness determine how much oil you need. Begin with a small amount, then increase as needed. 

4. Focus on applying the oil to the ends and tips of your hair. These areas are typically drier and more prone to damage. 

5. Gently massage the oil into your hair and scalp with your fingertips. This improves blood circulation and absorption. 

7. For the oil to work its wonders, leave it on for at least half an hour or even longer according to your preference.

8. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo. You may need to shampoo your hair twice to remove all oil. To restore moisture and keep your hair healthy, use a conditioner afterward.

Tips for applying hair oil for women and hair oil for men are the same. There could be a minor difference in the amount of oil you take. 

Why You Should Choose Earthraga For Natural Skincare & Haircare Products Online?

Earthraga has already accumulated a pretty strong fanbase (customer base) who cannot think of other products when it comes to hair care. Our commitment to quality is reflected in the organic and natural ingredients that form the backbone of our products. All of our hair care products include hair-loving components, ensuring that every drop of our oils is a potent elixir for your hair.

When you choose Earthraga, you opt for formulations that are free from harmful chemicals, dermatologically tested, and cruelty-free. Being a brand that supports all things natural and organic haircare products, we believe in the power of nature to address your hair concerns. Our oils, shampoo, hair serum, and hair conditioner are designed not just for aesthetic benefits but also to promote the overall health of your hair, making them the best choice for those seeking a natural and effective solution for hair care.


Q. How does oiling help your hair?

Generations after generations of Indians have ingrained in their offspring the habit of hair oiling. While many still question it, it’s a proven truth that organic hair growth oil like Earthraga nourishes hair follicles and provides the essential nutrients hair roots need. Regular use of hair oils moisturizes the scalp, strengthens hair roots, and stimulates blood circulation. 

Q. How many times a week should I do hair oiling?

It’s best to oil hair at least twice a week. However, you can use the Earthraga hair fall control oil daily before bed. 

Q. Can hair oil diminish grey hair? 

While hair oil cannot reverse the greying process, it can prevent any more hair greying or slow down the process. Earthraga’s Bhringraj oil is infused with rejuvenating properties that help prevent premature greying, nourish the hair follicles, and fasten the blood circulation process on the scalp.

Q. Which oil is the best for hair?

Organic hair oil is often considered the best for hair due to its natural purity and ability to nourish and strengthen hair without synthetic additives  

Q. Can I leave hair oil overnight?

Yes, leaving hair oil on overnight can deeply hydrate and nourish the scalp and hair. If your scalp is oily, avoid using oil overnight. 

Q. Can I apply oil after shampoo?

Applying oil after shampooing can help restore moisture lost during washing, offering more hydration and protection to the hair strands.

Q. Is oiling good for dandruff?

Oiling can help with dandruff since certain oils have antibacterial qualities. However, outcomes may differ based on the individual's scalp condition and the oil used.

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