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Retinol Serum| 30ml
Reduces Wrinkles & Fine Lines | Rich Antioxidants | Youthful Complexion | Skin Renewal Accelarator | Texture Refinement | Treats Acne
22 Verified Reviews
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(9% OFF)
HA Face Serum | 30ml
Reduces Wrinkles | Hydrates Skin | Nourishes Skin With Nutrients and Antioxidants | Speeds Cell Regeneration | Stimulates Collagen for Firmer Skin
21 Verified Reviews
Sale price₹499 Regular price₹525
(5% OFF)
Niacinamide Serum | 30ml
Promotes Even Skin Tone | Reduces Inflammation and Redness | Radiant Complexion | Brightens Skin | Fades Dark Spots
21 Verified Reviews
Sale price₹499 Regular price₹549
(9% OFF)
Bakuchiol Face Serum | 30ml
Natural Retinol Alternative | Treats Fine Lines and Wrinkles | Repairs Skin | Minimizes Pores | Soothing Sensation
21 Verified Reviews
Sale price₹449 Regular price₹475
(5% OFF)
Salicylic Face Serum | 30ml
Acne Eraser | Exfoliating Marvel |Unclog Pores | Oil Control Magic | Gently Exfoliates and Hydrates Skin
21 Verified Reviews
Sale price₹499
AHA+BHA+PHA Serum | 30ml
Removes Dead Skin Cells | Eliminates Excess Oil & Sebum | Cleans Pores | Triple Exoliation Power | Acne Fighting Dynamo | Treats Skin Ageing
21 Verified Reviews
Sale price₹499 Regular price₹549
(9% OFF)

Shop Natural Face Serum Online From Earthraga

Face serums have the current beauty industry under its spell. Whether you are a skincare aficionado or Jane Doe, giving a cold shoulder to natural serum is not an option anymore.  For skincare enthusiasts face serums have been a game changer. A little bottle of magic, organic face serum can help you easily achieve soft, supple youthful-looking skin. Face serums are designed to treat different skin concerns. Due to their smaller molecular size, face serums can penetrate deeper into the layers of skin and treat skin issues like dryness, pigmentation, or clogged pores. 

Choose a natural serum for glowing skin over chemical-laden ones. Buy face serum online on Earthraga because our natural face serums have no harmful chemicals in them. 

Experience Numerous Benefits of Using Face Serums

There’s already enough buzz around face serum for women and men, but its benefits are still shrouded under a layer of confusion and misinformation. Today, we’ll unveil the list of advantages of the best organic face serums:

  • It’s time to put an end to your struggle with large pores and minimize their sizes. How? Just use a natural serum from Earthraga
  • Hydrate your skin and restore its health by using a face serum daily
  • No more dry skin, inflamed skin and redness
  • Get rid of pigmentation
  • Solves your constant battle against acne and blemishes
  • Rejuvenate your skin and make dull skin a thing of the past
  • Targets suntan and sun damage
  • Addresses signs of skin fatigue
  • Say goodbye to wrinkles and fine lines

Explore a Variety Of Face Serums At Earthraga For Every Concern

Find a range of the best face serums on Earthraga that can treat various skin concerns. Let us take a look at the variety of face serums available at Earthraga. 

  • Age-Defying HA Face Serum - With hyaluronic acid and marine algae as its main ingredients, this organic face serum is perfect for anyone looking for skin hydration and fighting ageing signs. Among other ingredients are oxidants-rich calendula flower extracts, grapefruit seed extract that gives a healthy complexion and aloe vera which helps to reduce inflammation and redness. 
  • Clear Skin Niacinamide Face Serum - This niacinamide face serum is one of the best skin serum for dark spots and uneven skin tone. The miracle ingredient niacinamide, is known to fade dark spots, even out skin tone, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and regulate oil production in the skin. With the goodness of green tea, turmeric and calendula this natural face serum can combat your skin dullness. 
  • Feel New Salicylic Face Serum - Are clogged pores and blackheads bothering you? Choose our salicylic face serum with potent natural ingredients like salicylic acid, nigella seed oil, manuka oil and bisabolol that help in cleaning clogged pores, gently exfoliate the skin and control excess oil. 
  • Bakuchiol Face Serum - Use our organic face serum with bakuchiol, rosehip extracts, vitamin E, green tea extracts and hyaluronic acid to treat fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. It is one of the best serum for glowing skin that helps in reducing pigmentation and minimizing pores. 
  • Face Boost Retinol Serum - Now you can target fine lines and wrinkles with our 100% natural retinol face serum. With retinol, antioxidant-rich argan kernel oil, hyaluronic acid, witch hazel and wheatgerm oil this natural face serum can help you in hydrating skin and keep wrinkles at bay. 
  • Complete Care AHA BHA PHA Serum - Now removing dead skin cells and controlling excess sebum is easier with our AHA BHA PHA serum. With added lemon fruit extracts and sugar cane extracts our best organic face serum helps to promote collagen production while gently exfoliating the skin. 

Our face serums are 100% natural, dermatologically tested, cruelty-free and contain no harmful chemicals. These face serums for women can keep your skin looking youthful and glowing. Serums being gender-neutral skincare products, these face serum for men are a perfect addition to men’s skincare routine too. Pick the best face serum online from the wide range of serums available at Earthraga.

How To Incorporate Face Serum In Your Skincare Routine?

Designing a skincare routine using the best natural face serum doesn’t need to be intricate, rather it’s pretty simple. Let’s see how to do it:

  • Always maintain a clean face before applying a serum. So it’s best to do so after cleansing
  • Do not apply serum on wet skin. Pat dry your skin.
  • It’s time to apply the serum. 
  • Wait 5 minutes before applying other skincare essentials

While the application process of face serum remains the same, the application time depends on the ingredients in the serum. While the age-defying HA face serum is fit for morning application, the retinol serum must be applied at night. In the same way, all the natural serums of Earthraga you should apply as per the recommendations.  

Embrace Beauty With Organic & Dermatologically-Tested Skincare Products At Earthraga

Earthraga brings you natural skincare products made from the goodness of botanical and organic ingredients. From organic face wash to effective face scrubs you can find it all at Earthraga. Our dermatologically tested face masks and day creams ensure you can enjoy the best of nature in the safest way possible. It’s best to take a deep look into the ingredients in the natural serums and all the other skincare products and plan a skincare routine following which ingredient complements which one. Achieving the sought-after glam look is now possible only with Earthraga!

FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions on Face Serum

Is it good to use face serum daily?

Choose an organic face serum that is safe for the skin. Natural face serums can be used daily, twice a day for best results. 

Can I go outside just after applying face serum?

It is always better to moisturize after applying a face serum to lock in the serum. While going out during the day, protect your skin with a broad-spectrum sunscreen. 

Which is the best time to use face serum - morning or night?

You can use natural face serums for both morning and evening routines. Retinol serum, however, can be used during the nighttime routine.

Should I apply face serum before or after makeup?

Apply a face serum before applying makeup. The right order is cleansing, toning, serum and moisturising. Apply makeup after you have finished these skincare steps.

What is the right age to use a face serum?

One can start using a face serum within 20 to 25 years old based on skin health, concerns, skin goals, and requirements. 

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