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Mint Glacier Aftershave Gel | 100ml
Reduces Irritation & Itching After Shaving | Provides Cooling Effect On Skin | Antiseptic
22 Verified Reviews
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(9% OFF)
Lemon Grass Aftershave Gel | 100ml
Moisturizes Skin | Prevents Razor Burns | Reduces Pores & Pimples | Anti-Inflammatory
25 Verified Reviews
Sale price₹200 Regular price₹220
(9% OFF)

Shop 100% Natural After Shave Lotion For Men From Earthraga

Having products made with natural ingredients that are clean and safe to use is one less thing for you to worry about. With our collection of after shave gel online, you never have to worry about whether our products are clean or not. We pride ourselves on crafting products that are made with high-quality ingredients.

Switch out your after shave lotion with anyone from our range we have in store for you. This category of products is made with key ingredients like Aloe Vera, Lemongrass Essential Oil, and more. You get to experience that soothing, cooling, and moisturizing effect with our after shave lotion for men.

Explore this collection at Earthraga now.

Add An Extra Layer Of Protection On The Skin With After Shave Gel

This collection of after shave cool cream will add another layer of protection to your skin. They are made with ingredients that protect the skin with their antibacterial and/or antifungal properties. Not to mention, these after shave gel helps in skin regeneration as well as battles with skin blemishes and aging.

Add this after shave lotion to your shaving routine and reap all the amazing benefits it offers in nourishing, hydrating, soothing, and protecting your skin. If you have any skin irritation or inflammation, say goodbye to them after one application of the best after shave gel available at Earthraga.

  • Reduce Razor Burns & Itchiness With Menthol Crystals

Some of the other ingredients in our after shave lotion for men are the Menthol Crystals and Mint Essential Oil which both help in reducing razor burns. After applying this lemon grass after shave gel to your face, you can sit in confidence knowing that your skin is being restored, soothed, and moisturized.

The Menthol Crystals in the mint glacier after shave gel also help to reduce whiteheads and blackheads. You get to reap all these benefits from using our aftershave lotion after shaving.

Explore Earthraga for more natural products like the range of natural sunscreen to protect your skin and natural face serum to hydrate and moisturize your skin.

Use After Shave Lotion Effectively With These Tips

While men tend to end their shaving regimen with just strokes of a razor, it shouldn’t be so! Aftershave lotions without alcohol protect your skin from bumps, razor burn and irritation. So your shaving routine must include a natural, cool and refreshing after-shave cream that also smells good and does the work it intends to. 

If you’re interested in the tips and tricks to apply an aftershave cream, then you’ve hit the right spot. Let’s unearth them:

  • Choose One as per Your Needs

While all the Earthraga shaving creams reduce inflammation and soothe the skin, the Mint Glacier Aftershave Gel also moisturises the skin. If you want a shaving cream with the power of purifying the skin, then LemonGrass Aftershave Gel is for you! 

So choose wisely!

  • Wash Your Face with Water

It’s a no-brainer that you must have a clean canvas after shaving to let the shaving cream work on your skin. Your face also accumulates all the product and hair. Letting them sit on the skin also hinders you from following a skin hygiene routine. You can also include an Earthraga face cleanser during your skin cleaning routine for the highest benefits.

  • Pat Dry Your Skin Using A Towel

Never, ever apply aftershave lotions on wet skin. You should always have a clean, dry face to help the aftershave cream work on your skin and you enjoy its benefits!

  • Apply the Cream

Finally, you’ve reached the step that you’ve been waiting for so long! It’s time to take a dime-sized portion of Earthraga aftershave cream on your palm and spread it all over your hands. Now evenly apply the lotion all over your face with extra attention to the freshly shaved, sensitive skin such as the jawline, upper lips, and chin. Don’t leave the neck. Your neck also deserves the same love as your face. If a layer of shaving lotion doesn’t seem sufficient, lather another layer of after-shave cream for men to experience the best benefits of Earthraga shaving after-shave lotions. 

As you’re now aware of the application process for after-shave cream, follow the same tips every time from now on!

Choose Earthraga For Organic and Cruelty-Free Skincare Products

At Earthraga, we formulate organic products with superior quality actives and ingredients in their most natural form. These products are clean, safe, cruelty-free, and have been dermatologically tested. Our collection of products is free from harmful chemicals like Parabens, Silicones, and Sulphates, as well as fragrance-free.

Transform your skin with our range of products that have non-irritant and fast-acting natural ingredients. Scientifically balanced to craft a formulation that is effective and gentle on your skin. Check out other products like the best retinol night cream at Earthraga now

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FAQs on After Shave Lotion

Q. Is using after-shave lotion good for the skin?

A: Yes, it is. After shaving, the skin can be dry and irritated, hence using aftershave lotion can rehydrate your skin and make it feel soft.

Q. Can I use after-shave gel daily?

A: Since after shave gel contains bacteria that can be harmful to the skin over time, it is best to go for a clean option that contains none of the chemicals or harmful ingredients that regular aftershave gels do.

Q. Are after-shave lotion and moisturizer different?

A: The main difference between an after shave lotion and moisturiser is one ingredient which is alcohol. Moisturizers are formulated to nourish and hydrate the skin, so they do not contain alcohol.

Q. Which is the best after-shave lotion available online?

A: The best after shave lotion for men is one that is made with clean and safe ingredients with no harmful chemicals. This lotion should be dermatologically tested to ensure that they are safe to use.

Q. Is your after-shave lotion 100% natural & organic?

A: Yes, we formulate our products with the most natural superior-quality ingredients that are skin-friendly, clean, and safe to use. Hence, our gel after shave is clean and natural.

Q. Can I use after-shave lotion as a moisturizer?

A: The best after shave lotion will have moisturizing properties even though it may and may not contain a few percent of alcohol. Hence, it is best to follow up with a moisturizer for your skin type.

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