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Bhringraj Hair Oil | 100ml
Reactivates Hair Follicles | Enhances Hair Volume | Boosts Blood Circulation In Scalp
22 Verified Reviews
Sale price₹375 Regular price₹395
(5% OFF)
Onion Hair Oil | 100ml
Strengthens Hair Roots & Prevents Hair Fall | Antimicrobial | Adds Shine To Hair
21 Verified Reviews
Sale price₹340 Regular price₹349
(3% OFF)
Hair Care Combo Kit- Onion Hair Shampoo, Conditioner & Hair Oil
11 Verified Reviews
Sale price₹950 Regular price₹1,347
(29% OFF)
Onion, Bhringraj and Moroccan Argan Hair Oil - Combo | 100 ml X 3
Strengthens Hair Roots & Prevents Hair Fall | Adds Shine To Hair | Reactivates Hair Follicles | Enhances Hair Volume | Deeply Nourishes Hair Roots | Effective For Frizzy & Brittle Hair
2 Verified Reviews
Sale price₹899 Regular price₹1,099
(18% OFF)
Hair Care Kit- Onion Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Oil and Redensyl serum
- prevents hairfall - stimulates hair growth - prevents thinning of hair - for head full of hair
Sale price₹1,299 Regular price₹1,796
(28% OFF)
Anti-Hairfall Shampoo | 250ml
Controls Hair Fall and Hair Thinning | Manages Dry and Frizzy Hair | Prevents Premature Greying
22 Verified Reviews
Sale price₹290 Regular price₹295
(2% OFF)
Hair Oil Combo- Onion and Bhringraj Hair Oil - | 100 ml X 2
Strengthens Hair Roots & Prevents Hair Fall | Adds Shine To Hair | Reactivates Hair Follicles | Enhances Hair Volume | Deeply Nourishes Hair Roots | Effective For Frizzy & Brittle Hair
Sale price₹625 Regular price₹744
(16% OFF)

Shop For Natural Products For Grey Hair Online From Earthraga 

Earthraga offers natural grey hair solutions, blending ancient wisdom with modern innovation. Our effective grey hair products ensure a pleasurable transformation to your pre-mature silver strands, with superior-quality, gentle ingredients. We are committed to clean, safe, and cruelty-free beauty and exclude harmful chemicals. From rejuvenating shampoos to revitalizing serums, every product for grey hair is thoughtfully created to bring out the best in your unique hair texture and color. Not only that but our grey hair products are Dermatologically tested that provide quick results without irritating, making them the best product to stop grey hair. 

Revitalize Your Hair with Best Products To Stop Grey Hair

  • Shampoo for grey hair

With mild plant-based ingredients like bhringraj, amla, and red onion extract our shampoo products for grey hair deeply cleanse the scalp without stripping away its natural oils, which helps prevent further premature greying. Formulated without parabens and sulfates, our anti-hairfall shampoo promotes the overall health of hair and scalp ensuring and maintaining your natural hair color for a longer period.

  • Hair oil for grey hair

Infused with nourishing botanical extracts like amla, bhringraj, and hibiscus, our organic hair oil works to enhance the health and vibrancy of grey strands. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, our oil products for grey hair help to nourish the scalp, strengthen hair follicles, and promote natural shine. Regular use of organic bhringraj hair oil or onion hair oil can assist in managing grey hair, keeping it soft, smooth, and manageable.

Why Should You Trust Earthraga While Purchasing Hair Growth Products Online?

Earthraga is all about clean, safe, and cruelty-free natural skincare and hair care products. Our hair growth products are made with scientifically balanced combos of natural ingredients that work fast and won't irritate your skin. And guess what? No artificial fragrances or nasty chemicals like Sulphates, Silicones, or Parabens. We control everything from start to finish, so you know you're getting quality and purity every time. You may also have a look at our range of products for specific concerns such as hair growth products, anti-dandruff products, anti-pigmentation products, and many more.  


  1. What oil is the best for grey hair?

Organic hair oils are ideal for premature greying since they are chemical-free and contain natural elements that promote general scalp health and help with grey hair. 

  1. How many times should I use shampoo for grey hair in a week? 

Depending on your scalp type, two to three times a week is ideal. If you have really greasy hair, you can wash it up to four times per week. 

  1. Are Earthragas products for grey hair 100% organic?

Yes, Earthraga's products for grey hair are 100% organic. We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality organic ingredients to ensure the best results for your hair.

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