What are the best body lotions in India in all seasons? - Earthraga

What are the best body lotions in India in all seasons? - Earthraga

Everybody wants their arms, legs, neck, and every inch of their skin to remain supple forever. However, good and hydrated skin does not happen on its own; it requires daily care. The best part is that you do not have to do anything strenuous to achieve the soft skin of your dreams. All you need to keep your skin looking beautiful and feeling healthy is to use a body lotion daily.

By using body lotions regularly, you can avail of advantages like soft, smooth, glowing, and hydrated skin with an even tone devoid of bumpy or rough textures. If you are looking for some guidance on the best body lotions in India in all seasons, our quick suggestions below might prove to be useful.

Earthraga Recommendations:

  • Mix Fruits Body Lotion which is a perfect blend of extracts like grapefruit, green tea, and other mixed fruits. The ingredients are well-suited for results like better elasticity, moisturized skin, improved skin tone, and reduced pigmentation. Vitamins A and C in this lotion will promote skin hydration.


  • Vanilla Body Lotion is rich in antioxidants and contains effective ingredients like vanilla essential oil, peppermint essential oil, and radish root extract. Its anti-inflammatory properties can come as the perfect relief for people suffering from problems like redness, irritation, and itchiness on the skin.


  • Club Cane Body Lotion contains balanced and thoughtful proportions of oils like lemon, orange, and coconut with the additional benefit of Ylang-Ylang. Meet your expectations of supple and healthy skin with this body lotion. Its ingredients can help fight infection, control oil, and reduce acne.


  • Coconut Body Lotion is one of the most classic types in the category of body lotions for offering deep nourishment and hydration to the skin. This brand uses a mix of cocoa butter, rose extracts, and cucumber extracts to create this moisturizing lotion. It is indeed a gentle antiseptic and hydrating lotion altogether.

Besides these above options, you can always lay down certain factors to judge the worth of the body lotion marketed. You may narrow down the list of countless choices with the help of the following crucial aspects.

  • Dermatologically Testing

Your body lotion must be dermatologically tested to ensure its safe usage on the skin and the absence of such testing may pose risks like redness, itchiness, allergic reactions, or other adverse effects. Testing also helps to confirm the efficacy of the product in providing the claimed benefits.

  • Acceptable Fragrance

People often commit the mistake of choosing products that lure them with wowing fragrances. Scented products like body lotions indeed feel more pleasing. However, you must ensure that there is no artificial fragrance as it may irritate the skin and trigger other allergies. Always choose a body lotion with a natural fragrance.

  • Crucial Labels

It is not just about knowing what a body lotion should have; it is also about what it should not have or promote. So, while you look for the best ingredients, you should also pay attention to labels like Paraben-free, Sulphate-free, and Cruelty-free. Such tags will ensure that you are causing no harm to your skin and other animals by using the chosen body lotion.

  • Skin Type

Lastly, it is imperative that you use a body lotion that your skin needs. Understand the texture and type of your skin to choose the best suitable option. Dry skin will need heavy formula while oily skin will have a different need. If you are unable to make this out, go with the body lotion for all skin types.

Always remember to invest in a high-quality body lotion having organic ingredients and no artificial fragrance to keep your skin supple and nourished.