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5 Essential Steps to Make Your Nighttime Skincare Routine Perfect

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While most of us spend hours in the morning skincare routine, very few of us follow a nighttime routine. But it’s a proven fact that we’re doing a disservice to our skin health by skipping nighttime skin regimen. Just following a 7-8 hours long sleep schedule is not enough for youthful skin when our skin every day goes through pollution and stress. Your night face care routine is not just a mundane task but a sacred ritual after a long day that pampers your skin, repairs damage, and prepares it for rejuvenation while you slumber peacefully. 

Let’s delve deep into the night skincare routine steps to make your night routine for skincare nothing short of perfect:

Step-by-Step Nighttime Skincare Routine

Here is a 5-step night skincare routine for glowing skin irrespective of your skin type: 

Remove Makeup

The first step to a flawless nighttime skincare routine is bidding adieu to the day's makeup. Your skin deserves a clean canvas to breathe and repair itself overnight. Always pick a gentle makeup remover that effectively dissolves stubborn products without stripping your skin of its natural oils.


Once the makeup and sunscreen are off of your skin, it's time to shift to cleansing. Even if you’re someone who stays at home, still your nighttime skincare should begin with cleansing. Choose a cleanser suitable for your skin type or skin concerns. There’s nothing like a good organic face wash that cleanses your skin while also repairing it or improving textures. For example, Ubtan + Turmeric foaming face wash is ideal for dull skin, whereas Vitamin C face wash is perfect for spot treatment or fading scars. Just take a minute (or two) to gently massage the cleanser onto your skin, and get rid of dirt, impurities, and excess oil accumulated throughout the day.

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Once your skin is squeaky clean, it's time to restore its pH balance and prep it for the next steps. Simply choose a thin, lightweight, hydrating, and alcohol-free toner enriched with nourishing ingredients to soothe and refresh your skin.

Apply a Serum

Serums are the superheroes of skincare. With the ability to penetrate deep into the skin, organic & natural face serums target specific concerns with precision. If your skin shows age signs, fine lines, or wrinkles, hyaluronic acid face serum is for you. Every night skincare routine for dry skin must have a Salicylic face serum as it’s known to hydrate and exfoliate the skin. Gently pat the serum onto your skin, and let it sit on your skin for 5-10 minutes. 


No night skincare routine for oily skin, dry skin, or combination skin is complete without sealing in all the goodness with a powerful, effective moisturizer. A skin-reviving bakuchiol night cream rich in macadamia oil, niacinamide, and gotu kola extract exfoliates and nourishes your skin by reducing scars and soothing the skin.  Apply the moisturizer in upward motions to give yourself a mini facial massage at home.

Top 3 Reasons To Develop A Nighttime Skincare Routine

Following a simple night skincare routine isn't just about vanity—it's a form of self-care that yields long-term benefits for your skin and overall well-being. Here are a few compelling reasons to embrace this nightly ritual:

  • As our skin repairs itself during the nighttime sleep schedule, helping it do its job at its optimum is our duty. The nighttime skin regimen nourishes the skin, supports cell regeneration, and repairs damaged tissues.
  • Look a decade younger and slow down aging by being consistent with your nighttime skincare routine. From boosting collagen production to combating free radical damage, the nighttime skincare routine can do these all for you. 
  • Too dry or too oily skin is never desired. A night face care routine hydrates your skin without making it oily, lightens pigmentation, and brightens up skin tone. 

So why not make the most of your nighttime skincare routine by simply choosing Earthraga as your skincare partner? A brand that promises organic and natural ingredients, Earthraga offers natural skin care products that everyone should have. Choose your nighttime skincare routine products from our collection and get glowing skin that defies the test of time. 


What should I include in my nighttime skincare routine?

Your nighttime skincare routine should include cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

Does extra sleep make you look younger?

Yes, getting adequate sleep is crucial for skin health. Quality sleep lets your body repair and regenerate cells, promotes a youthful complexion, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Should I apply sunscreen at night?

No, sunscreen is only essential in the daytime. 

Is it necessary to double cleanse at night?

It’s recommended to double cleanse at night. It entirely removes surface impurities, and lets the next products in your nighttime skincare routine penetrate deeper into the skin.

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