50+ Quotes On Skincare That You Must Read To Follow A Proper Skincare

50+ Quotes On Skincare That You Must Read To Follow A Proper Skincare

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Skincare is a part of self-care, which helps in making you feel good both physically and mentally. Along with including natural and safe skincare products in your beauty routine, it is equally important to maintain a proper skincare routine that helps you achieve that real flawless glow you always dreamt of. 

However, maintaining a consistent routine seems a challenging task in our busy lives. In this blog, we have brought you 50+ positive beauty skincare quotes that will inspire you every day to follow a skincare regime. 

Let’s check’em out!

Skincare Quotes By Popular Celebrities

When it comes to celebrities, we all surely like to know their routine since they have youthful and glowing skin. Here are some of popular skincare sayings by our all-time favourite celebrities:

  1. “If you want to glow like me, you must take care of your skin. I never sleep in my makeup” - Kim Kardashian
  2. “I think skin-care is really important. It's good to do masks to give your skin the right things it needs” - Hailey Bieber
  3. “I think skin is the most important. If you take care of your skin, then everything else looks good.” - Zendaya
  4. “I believe in natural products. I use things like coconut oil, and I really believe in being good to your skin.” - Michelle Pfeiffer
  5. “I'm fascinated by women who turn the clock back on their faces. It starts with your skin.” - Cate Blanchett

Winter Skin Care Quotes

Skincare needs to be changed and worked on every now and then, because of the variation in the climatic conditions. The cold breeze during the chilly winter days makes you adhere to a skincare regime even more strictly. Here are some skincare quotes for Instagram to let everyone how you are taking care of your skin during frosty winters:

6. “Winter is the time for cocooning, both yourself and your skin. Hydration and protection are key.”

7. “Winter winds may be harsh, but with the right skincare, your skin can remain soft and glowing.”

8. “The cold weather can be tough on your skin, but a good winter skincare routine can make all the difference.”

9. “Winter skincare is about embracing the beauty of the season while keeping your skin healthy and radiant.”

10. “In the winter, your skin needs an extra layer of care, just like you need an extra layer of clothing.”

Short & One-Line Skincare Sayings That Are Worth To Read

If you are a skincare junkie, then the below short and one-liner skincare sayings would really relate you well:

11. Good skin is always in.

12. Healthy skin requires commitment, not a miracle.

13. Sunscreen is your best anti-aging product.

14. Moisturise like you mean it.

15. A daily skincare routine is a daily act of self-love.

16. Skincare is a journey, not a destination.

17. Age is just a number; skincare is your secret.

18. Skin first, makeup second.

19. Your skin tells a story. Make it a good one.

20. Flawless skin requires daily commitment, not a miracle cure.

Funny Skin Care Quotes

Dig in to explore some of the funny skincare quotes that you can relate with your skincare friends:

21. My skin has two moods: 'I woke up like this' and 'I really should have taken my makeup off last night.

22. I told my dermatologist I needed Botox. He gave me an estimate. I said, 'I'll take it! I just hope I can still afford groceries.

23. They say laughter is the best medicine, but have they tried a good sheet mask?

24. My skincare routine: cleanse, tone, moisturise, pray.

25. My skin is so dry, it's like my face attended a desert party while the rest of me was at the spa.

Skin Care Captions For Instagram

Looking for some catchy skincare captions for instagram? Check out the more catchy and relatable captions for your profile:

26. Sunscreen and self-love – my daily essentials. ☀️❤️ #SkinProtection

27. Face the world with good skincare and a smile. 😁✨

28.Wash, tone, moisturise, repeat. My daily mantra. 🔄✨ #SkincareAddict

29. Confidence is my favourite accessory, but skincare is a close second. 💁‍♀️✨

30. Don't forget to hydrate, exfoliate, and radiate! ✨💦 #SkincareRoutine

31. Skincare is my art, and my face is the canvas. 🎨💁‍♀️

32. No such thing as too much skincare. Glow on, my friend! ✨

33. I like my skincare routine like I like my mornings – fresh and glowing. 🌞✨

34. I'm just here for the sheet masks and chill. 🧖‍♀️✨ #SelfCare

35. True love might let you down, but the glow of your skin never will. #selflove ☀️✨

Skincare Quotes By Top Dermatologists

36. "Sunscreen is your skin's best friend." - Dr. Patricia Wexler
37. "Healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness." - Dr. Murad
38. "Consistency is key to achieving great skin." - Dr. Harold Lancer
39. "Your skin is a lifelong investment; treat it with care." - Dr. Shereene Idriss
40. "Less is often more when it comes to skincare products." - Dr. Ranella Hirsch
41. "Good skincare is the best makeup." - Dr. Galdino Pranzarone
42. "It's not about perfection; it's about progress in your skincare routine." - Dr. Ava Shamban
43. "Your skin is unique, so customise your routine accordingly." - Dr. Ellen Marmur
44. "Avoid over-exfoliating; it can harm your skin's natural barrier." - Dr. Leslie Baumann
45. "A well-balanced diet and hydration are crucial for healthy skin." - Dr. Zoe Diana Draelos

    The above caption, along with the quotes by celebrities and dermats will make you relate if you are someone who loves to do skincare. In the end, do not forget to include 100% natural and chemical free skincare products from Earthraga in your beauty regime.

    Keep doing skincare, and keep glowing!


    1. Why is skin care important?

    When it comes to skincare, it involves a lot of things like mental health, and getting glowing and youthful skin. Keeping your skincare routine regular will give you a lot of benefits in terms of healthy and glowing skin.

    2.What are some of the best skincare quotes to read?

    Here are some of the best skincare quotes to read:

    • Skincare is like dieting. You have to invest time and effort. There is no instant miracle cure."
    • The best foundation you can wear is glowing, healthy skin.
    • Wrinkles mean you laughed, grey hair means you cared, and scars mean you lived.

    3. Do people get motivated by these skincare sayings?

    The quotes will give them a sense of confidence and hope, when they have skincare concerns every now and then! It will help them to be regular, rather than losing hope after doing them religiously for just one week.

    4. Can I use these skincare quotes as my Instagram caption?

    Yes, for sure. These inspiring quotes will help you and at the same time, your followers too!