Ubtan + Turmeric Body Lotion | 200 gms
Ubtan + Turmeric Body Lotion | 200 gms
Ubtan + Turmeric Body Lotion | 200 gms
Ubtan + Turmeric Body Lotion | 200 gms
Ubtan + Turmeric Body Lotion | 200 gms
Ubtan + Turmeric Body Lotion | 200 gms
Ubtan + Turmeric Body Lotion | 200 gms
Ubtan + Turmeric Body Lotion | 200 gms

Ubtan + Turmeric Body Lotion | 200 gms

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- comprehensive defense against acne, skin breakouts and wrinkles

- providing complete skin protection and nourishment

- deeply nourishes and cares for the skin, promoting a healthy and radiant appearance

- prevents skin irritation, ensuring a soothing and comfortable experience.

- anti-aging lotion - helps combat signs of aging, keeping the skin youthful and vibrant


Earthraga Ubtan + Turmeric Body Lotion - a soothing and nourishing skincare solution. This remarkable lotion is crafted to hydrate and revitalize your skin, offering daily protection and rejuvenation for damaged skin. Say goodbye to dry and itchy skin as this lotion works its magic, leaving you with a healthier and fresher appearance. Experience the benefits of this unique blend as it deeply nourishes your skin, keeping it moisturized and cared for day after day. Embrace the power of Earthraga Ubtan + Turmeric Body Lotion and unlock the secret to radiant and revitalized skin.

Product Details

Discover the power of our key ingredients:

  • Turmeric: aids in clearing skin pores and combating acne.
  • Shea Butter a powerful moisturizer abundant in vitamins A, E, and C, deeply nourishes the skin, resulting in a more youthful and radiant appearance.
  • Almond Oil: –diminishes puffiness and under-eye circles while enhancing complexion and skin tone.
  • Coconut Oil: –locks in skin moisture and enhances skin tone and firmness.
  • Olive Oil: – rich in vitamins A, D, and E, along with antioxidants and anti-aging properties, helps combat sun damage.
  • Manufacturer details- A.G. Organica Pvt Ltd, C-11 Block C, Sector 85, Noida Uttar Pradesh 201305 Licence No. UP16320000028

Directions for use:

  • Take a sufficient amount of body lotion and apply it all over your body.
  • Using your hands, gently massage the lotion into your skin using small circular motions.
  • Continue massaging and repeating the process until the entire body is covered with the lotion.
  • Make it a part of your daily skincare routine for the best results and to enjoy the benefits of the lotion on your skin..

Why Choose Us

Dermatologically Tested

Tested and approved by qualified dermatologists.

No Harmful Chemicals

Free from harmful sulphates, silicones, parabens & more

Cruelty Free

Never tested on animals at any stage of product development

100% Natural

Committed to being transparent on all ingredients used

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Vishal Sharma
Glowing Skin

This body lotion is a skincare game-changer! The combination of Ubtan and turmeric has visibly improved the appearance of my skin.

Rahul Jain
Dewy Finish

This Ubtan and turmeric body lotion has transformed my skincare routine. It's gentle yet effective, and my skin has never looked better.

Pooja Shah
Nourished Glow

I've tried many body lotions, but this one stands out! The Ubtan and turmeric formula has improved the texture of my skin.

Megha Singh
Smooth Texture

I can't get enough of this body lotion! The Ubtan and turmeric combo leaves my skin feeling soft and rejuvenated.

Neha Reddy
Silky Smoothness

Finally, a body lotion that addresses all my skincare concerns! The Ubtan and turmeric formula has become a staple in my beauty routine.


How many times should I use ubtan turmeric body lotion in a day?

Dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types, the ubtan body lotion can be applied both - morning and night to provide your skin with complete nourishment and hydration. Rich in vitamin and antioxidants it gives you radiant and glowing skin throughout the day whereas its anti-ageing properties fights acne, breakouts and wrinkles.

Yes, ubtan body lotion helps in repairing skin ageing. It contains natural ingredients like turmeric, shea butter, almond oil, coconut oil and olive oil all of which fight early signs of ageing and help enhance your complexion and skin tone.

Yes, you can apply turmeric body lotion on your face as well. It has turmeric, among other key ingredients, that helps clear skin pores and prevent acne.

Yes, Earthraga turmeric lotion is 100% organic, natural, and free from harmful chemicals, and is proven to be clinically effective by dermatologists.

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