Earthraga Hair Gain Redensyl Serum | 50ml
Earthraga Hair Gain Redensyl Serum | 50ml
Earthraga Hair Gain Redensyl Serum | 50ml
Earthraga Hair Gain Redensyl Serum | 50ml
Earthraga Hair Gain Redensyl Serum | 50ml
Earthraga Hair Gain Redensyl Serum | 50ml
Earthraga Hair Gain Redensyl Serum | 50ml

Earthraga Hair Gain Redensyl Serum | 50ml

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  • Reduces hair fall, boosts thickness and strength
  • Increases hair follicles, promoting growth
  • Nourishes hair roots, supports the shaft
  • Nights dandruff and soothes scalp.


Hair Gain Redensyl Serum represents a cutting-edge advancement in hair care. This serum effectively combats hair fall while simultaneously promoting hair growth. It supports all stages of hair growth and stimulates the multiplication of hair stem cells, leading to remarkable results. Consistent usage of this serum reveals significant hair growth over time.

Product Details

Discover the power of our key ingredients:

  • Redensyl: Reverses early stages of hair loss, stimulates hair follicles, triggers stem cell proliferation, and increases hair density.
  • Jojoba Oil Moisturizes the scalp, fights dandruff, revitalizes the scalp, reduces flakes, enhances hair shine, provides strength to the hair shaft, and prevents hair loss.
  • Bhringraj Oil: – ancient hair growth stimulator since Vedic ages, increases the number of hair follicles, treats hair fall, fights greying of hair, and combats dandruff.
  • Biotin: – Stimulates hair growth and the development of new hair follicles. Used for treating hair fall related to biotin deficiency.
  • Manufacturer details- A.G. Organica Pvt Ltd, C-11 Block C, Sector 85, Noida Uttar Pradesh 201305 Licence No. UP16320000028

Directions for use:

  • Ensure your scalp is clean and dry before application, especially focusing on areas experiencing hair loss.
  • Apply a suitable amount of the serum to the scalp.
  • Gently massage the serum into the scalp, promoting better absorption.
  • For optimal results, apply the serum at night before bedtime, and leave it on overnight.
  • In the morning, wash your hair with a gentle shampoo to remove any residue of the serum.

Why Choose Us

Dermatologically Tested

Tested and approved by qualified dermatologists.

No Harmful Chemicals

Free from harmful sulphates, silicones, parabens & more

Cruelty Free

Never tested on animals at any stage of product development

100% Natural

Committed to being transparent on all ingredients used

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Hair growth serums, such as Earthraga's hair gain Redensyl Serum, are made of ingredients that promote hair growth and fight hair-related issues. The key components of this hair gain serum are Redensyl, biotin, jojoba oil and bhringraj oil. Customers have reported positive results after using Earthraga's hair fall control serum. From reduced hair fall to improved hair density, this serum's effectiveness is undeniable.

Yes, hair gain serum, especially hair fall control serum, addresses the common hair concern of many: hair fall. Such serums contain Biotin, which stimulates hair growth and controls hair fall. Earthraga's other highly potent ingredients nourish hair roots, fight dandruff, and prevent hair breakage and fall.

Most customers have reported the best results they have noticed after using Earthraga's best hair regrowth serum once a day. It's advised to leave the serum overnight.

Earthraga's hair gain serum is the best hair growth serum for offering visibly identifiable results in the shortest timeline. It is recommended to apply at night before bedtime. Let the serum work on the scalp while you sleep and wash your hair in the morning.

You can find a variety of hair regrowth serums online and offline. But you will only get the best hair growth serum on the online shop of Earthraga. Our dermatologically tested and cruelty-free products are free from harmful chemicals like sulphates and parabens.

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Redensyl Hair Growth Serum: How It Works Wonders for Hair Growth

Who doesn’t long for luscious locks and a healthy scalp? Healthy hair has been a desirable trait in both men and women since time immemorial. However, the elevated levels of pollution, stress, and non-stop heat styling have led to severe hair problems in most adults. If you are one such unlucky folk, your good time is about to arrive! Just include Earthraga’s Redensyl hair gain serum in your hair care routine for shiny, voluminous hair. With a blend of redensyl, jojoba oil, bhringraj oil, and biotin, its special formula reverses the early stages of hair loss. This hair regrowth serum stimulates dormant hair follicles, triggers stem cell activity and increases hair density. This not only combats hair fall but also promotes the growth of new, healthier strands. With consistent and long-term use, you'll witness the remarkable transformation of your hair, unlocking its true potential.

Beyond Growth: Exploring the Multi-Benefits of Redensyl Serum for Hair

Our Redensyl hair loss serum is not just a one-trick pony. While Redensyl takes centre stage in promoting hair growth, its benefits extend far beyond that. 

Redensyl, being the star performer, doesn't just stop at hair growth; it goes the extra mile by breathing life into hair roots. This ensures that your hair receives the essential nutrients it needs to thrive, leading to stronger, breakage-proof strands. This hair gain serum also lets you say goodbye to pesky dandruff and an irritated scalp. With jojoba oil and bhringraj oil in the mix, our Redensyl hair serum actively fights dandruff and soothes the scalp.

Many renowned dermatologists recommend Redensyl as the best serum for hair growth and thickness. Keeping that in mind, we have made the serum Redensyl-based. So it offers more opportunities for new hair growth, increased hair density, and a fuller appearance.

As the industry trend shows, most beauty products include a great range of chemicals that we know nothing about. So if you are worried about harmful chemicals, fret not! Our Redensyl Hair Gain Serum is dermatologically tested and free from sulfates, silicones, parabens, and other harmful components that make it a wonderful option for organic hair growth serum. We believe in a natural approach to hair care that is gentle yet effective.

Use Hair Gain Serum Effectively With These Tips

Follow the instructions below to learn how to use hair growth serum effectively. 

  1. Before applying our organic hair growth serum, make sure your scalp is clean and free from any product buildup or oil. 
  2. Focus on the application of the hair regrowth serum on the scalp rather than the hair itself. Part your hair and apply a suitable amount of serum directly to the roots. Don’t forget the areas experiencing heavy hair loss.
  3. Gently massage this organic hair growth serum into your scalp using your fingertips. Massaging can help improve blood circulation, promoting better absorption of the serum and stimulating hair follicles.
  4. For optimal results, apply this hair gain serum at night before bedtime. This allows the serum to work overnight without interference from external factors.
  5. Leave On Overnight to maximize its effectiveness in nourishing the scalp and promoting hair growth.
  6. In the morning, gently wash your hair with a mild shampoo. For the best results, cleanse your hair with Earthraga's Hair Growth Shampoo

Why choose Earthraga?

Selecting the perfect hair care product is a pivotal decision to maintain your hair's excellence. Earthraga emerges as a standout in the growing hair care industry for its Redensyl serum. This dermatologically tested serum adheres to the highest standards of quality and safety without compromising the well-being of your precious hair and scalp. The Redensyl hair serum is a product of our unwavering commitment to only using natural and safe ingredients in all our beauty products. We steer clear of harmful chemicals to keep you safe from allergies, irritation, or negative skin reactions. 

We firmly believe that your hair deserves the best without compromise. One can try our haircare products like organic hair shampoo, natural hair conditioner, and organic hair oil. We proudly champion a cruelty-free approach where no one gets harmed to restore your beauty. Our products are never tested on animals at any stage of development, allowing you to feel good about your purchase and supporting ethical practices. We are wholeheartedly dedicated to transparency, and it shines through in our commitment to being open about every ingredient we use. Crafted with 100% natural ingredients, our Redensyl hair serum infuses the goodness of nature for the benefit of your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions on Redensyl Serum

How does Redensyl serum differ from other hair growth products?

Redensyl serum stands out due to its ability to reverse early stages of hair loss, stimulate hair follicles, and trigger stem cell proliferation. The combination of Redensyl with Jojoba oil, Bhringraj oil, and Biotin sets it apart from other hair growth products and makes it the best hair regrowth serum.

Can Redensyl serum be used on all hair types?

Yes, Redensyl serum can be used on all hair types.

How often should Redensyl serum be applied for optimal results?

Redensyl serum should be applied daily for optimal results.

What is the best time to use Redensyl serum?

For the best results, applying Redensyl serum in the evening before bedtime is ideal. This allows this hair gain serum to work overnight to promote the growth of hair while also minimizing the interference of everyday activities. For optimal effectiveness, always follow the usage instructions on the product.

Can I apply hair growth serum to wet hair?

It is recommended by hair experts that it is best to apply organic hair growth serum directly to wet hair. To apply it effectively, take 1-2 drops of serum and apply it to medium-length hair. Rub it well between your palms and evenly distribute it onto the ends and midsection of the hair.

Also, make sure that you do not use a lot of serum, as it might make your hair heavy and greasy.

Can both men and women use Redensyl serum?

Redensyl serum has a safe and effective nature, which makes it a suitable option for both genders to use for addressing hair loss concerns and achieving thicker hair.

Which is the best serum for hair growth and thickness?

 Serum, which nourishes the roots, increases hair follicles, fights dandruff, and soothes the scalp, is ideal for achieving hair thickness and growth. To get all these properties in one single product, Redensyl serum by Earthraga is the best pick.

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