benefits of bhringraj hair oil

Unlocking The Best Hair And Scalp Nourishing Benefits Of Bhringraj Oil

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We all have come across one or the other commercial ads on TV and radio about how great Bhringraj Oil is for our hair health.  Bhringraj Oil is well known for its ability to deal with hair issues like premature greying of hair and hair loss. Not only this but Bhringraj is also revered in Ayurveda as the king of herbs. This age-old Ayurvedic ingredient, which comes from the Bhringraj plant, is a nutritional and mineral powerhouse that can help turn dull hair into lush and shiny ones. Also called False Daisy or Eclipta Alba Oil, Bhringraj oil is considered to be a potent elixir for hair growth. Let’s check out the benefits of Bhringraj oil

Nutritional Content In Bhringraj Oil

The Bhringraj plant is native to India and some parts of the Southeast Asia region. Iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, and vitamin E are all abundant in bhringraj oil. The primary purpose of this incredibly powerful oil is for hair treatment. 

Discover Incredible Benefits Of Using Bhringraj Oil

Ayurveda claims that it's a "Rasayana" with unique rejuvenating and anti-ageing properties. It strengthens hair and works amazingly well on hair problems like dandruff, premature greying, and hair loss. Some of the advantages of bhringraj oil are explained below in the following points. 

Promotes Hair Growth

Bhringraj oil increases blood circulation to the scalp and roots and activates the hair follicles which promotes hair growth. Massage this oil for 10 minutes in a circular motion for better results. This is one of the best bhringraj oil benefits for hair health.  

Reduces Dandruff

Dandruff can be reduced by using Bhringraj oil which has antifungal properties. Because of its anti-inflammatory qualities, it also reduces scalp psoriasis symptoms. Additionally, it works wonders to lessen irritation on dry scalps. Bhringraj oil helps moisturize your dry scalp and enter the scalp with ease. Explore the entire range of anti-dandruff products at Earthraga.

Slows Down Premature Greying

Haritaki and Jatamansi, two active ingredients in bhringraj oil, are particularly helpful in preserving hair's natural colour and delaying premature greying. Use amla oil and bhringraj oil regularly to stop hair from greying too soon. At Earthraga, we curate an exclusive range of products for grey hair.

Prevents Hair Fall

Bhringraj oil works well for hair loss caused by stress. Bhringraj oil eases tension and anxiety by bringing your head down. Additionally, bhringraj plant has a number of vitamins and minerals that help to stop hair loss and lessen hair breakage. It's a natural remedy for stopping hair loss. Before going to bed, massage the oil into your scalp to promote better blood circulation at the hair's root, which will increase the amount of nutrients that the hair needs to develop.

Treats Scalp Infection 

The bhringraj hair oil benefits include the treatment for a variety of scalp infections due to its antimicrobial qualities. This oil works well against bacterial infections, tinea infections, psoriasis, and many kinds of follicular infections. Frequent application of this oil will promote hair development and lessen scalp irritation and inflammation in the hair follicles. 

How To Use Bhringraj Oil For Effective Results?

To nourish your scalp and hair, you can use Bhringraj Hair Oil available at Earthraga. By using this oil, you can stimulate hair growth and reactivate hair follicles. You can follow the below steps for the use of bhringraj oil on your hair and scalp.

  • Apply a generous amount of bhringraj oil to your scalp and hair in an even layer.
  • Use your fingertips and gently massage the oil into your scalp. This promotes better blood circulation and guarantees that the oil is dispersed uniformly.
  • Apply the oil in the evening before bed is advised for best results. The oil will deeply nourish your hair and scalp if you leave it overnight.
  • To avoid getting oil on your pillowcase, cover your hair with a gentle towel or wear a hair cap.
  • Wash your hair with a mild shampoo of Earthrga first thing the following morning.

Conclusionary Thought

In conclusion, Ayurvedic medicine has been using Bhringraj oil for centuries as a potent hair care solution. You can have thicker, healthier, and more attractive hair by using hair oil. Now, what are you waiting for? Place your order online at Earthraga for your Bhringraj Hair Oil and other natural skincare & haircare products.


How often should I use bhringraj oil in a week?

You should use bhringraj oil 2-3 times a week.

Can I leave Bhringraj oil in my hair overnight?

Yeah, you can leave bringraj oil on your scalp overnight for a better result. 

Does using bhringraj oil help in the regrowth of hair?

Bhringraj oil increases blood circulation to the scalp and helps to promote hair growth. 

Can I directly apply bhringraj tel on my hair or mix it with other oil?

To treat greying hair, you can mix bhringraj tel with other oils like coconut oil on your scalp.

Can bhrighraj oil make hair black?

Bhringraj oil does not help in making your hair black.