winter skin problems

Read About All Winter Skin Problems And Their Solutions

Winter Skin Problems - A Quick Introduction

Winters are all about enjoying snug and cosy evenings at home while sipping on some hot chocolate. But amidst all the joy and amazing weather, one cannot understate the skin issues in winter. 

The cold embrace of winter can spell havoc for your skin if you fail to address and alleviate winter-induced skin concerns. In this blog, we shall talk about how to treat dry skin in winter at home and also touch upon the significance of organic skincare products in perfecting this endeavour. 

Different Types Of Winter Skin Problems & Their Solutions

Let us take a look at some of the most common skin issues in winter and their corresponding solutions:

  • Dry & Flaky Skin 

Winters are marked by low humidity levels and hence your skin gets purged of its natural moisture levels. This leads to dryness and flaking of your skin. To combat this skin concern, you can try out the Age-Defying and Rejuvenating Bakuchiol Day Cream from Earthraga. The prodigious formulation of this day cream will deeply hydrate your skin and elevate its elasticity. 

  • Chapped Lips

This is definitely one of the most troublesome dry skin problems in winter. The cold winter breeze that lacks humidity can make your lips chapped. At times, they might even bleed and hurt. You can opt for organic skincare products such as lip balms and lip creams 

  • Shaving Cuts

Your skin tends to become more sensitive in winter. This increases the risk of any cuts or rash during shaving. To keep those pesky shaving cuts at bay, you can invest in a good moisturising shaving cream and an after-shave lotion

  • Dry & Itchy Patches On Skin

Have you ever wondered what those dry white streaks are on your arms? Well, that’s the winter dryness manifesting itself on your skin. We strongly advise you to follow an articulate skincare routine that incorporates proper moisturization of your skin. It will be of significant help to enable you to ward off skin dryness and white patches.  

  • Cracked Heels

Ah! Those dreadful and painful cracked heels. Winters can be especially harsh on your heels if you don’t exfoliate and moisturise them properly. One of the best winter skin care tips for cracked heels is to use socks that have moisture-wicking properties. This can keep your heels healed and hydrated as you go about your day 

  • Sun Damage Due To UV Rays

Irrespective of the season, Sun rays can wield a lot of detrimental effects on your skin if it is not properly protected. Earthraga’s Vitamin C Sunscreen with SPF 50 is one of our personal favourites. You can browse through the website to check out other sun protection products to take your pick. 

Embrace Soft & Hydrated Skin In This Winter Season

We hope that the above-mentioned skin problems and their respective solutions will help you chart out an articulate regime that will help you combat numerous skin issues in winter. To that end, you can check out organic skincare products on Earthraga and pick out stuff that will resonate with your skincare aspirations. Make sure to pay heed to these cold-weather skincare tips mentioned in this blog while putting together your self-care routine. 


  • Does skin become sensitive in winter?

Yes. Lack of moisture and adverse weather conditions can make your skin sensitive and vulnerable to various skin problems. 

  • Does oily skin become dry in the winter season?

Yes. The weather in winter can make your skin dry. Therefore, you will have to adjust your skincare routine to keep your skin hydrated and healthy during this season. 

  • Does taking a hot water shower make your skin dry?

Yes. Hot water showers can take away the natural oils of your skin. You must always take a bath with lukewarm water to keep your skin from drying. 

  • Are home remedies effective in treating winter skin problems?

When we talk about home remedies for taking care of winter skin problems, what needs to be ascertained is that the home remedies should align with your skin type and texture. It is always advisable to do a patch test to look for any signs of skin itching or irritation. 

  • What are some of the best natural skincare products available online for winter skin problems? 

You can check our Earthraga to browse through some of the best face care, hair care, lip care and sun protection products.