Benefits of Using Skincare Products & How to Buy Them

Benefits of Using Skincare Products & How to Buy Them


'First impression' might sound clichéd but it is true nonetheless. In today’s environment of cutthroat competition, making a good first impression gives you an edge. Your appearance helps you stand apart from the crowd. A healthy looking clear skin and lustrous hair can instantly make you appear attractive and give you that boost of confidence to make things possible for yourself. And to achieve this, it is important to have a proper skincare regime with the use of right skincare products. If you think buying skincare products is a waste of money, here are a few good reasons of why you should invest in them:

  1. To Achieve Healthy Skin: Sure, what you eat is important for your skin but how you care for it on the outside is equally important. Skincare products help in maintaining the health of your skin. Besides providing the essential nutrients, these products keep the skin's dead cells from building up and help new cells to grow faster. The products keep your skin’s pores clean, thus preventing any bacterial or fungal growth and the onset of other skin issues like acne.
  1. To Look Confident: A person troubled with skin issues like blemishes, acne, acne scars will always be conscious of their appearance. They will want to hide it at times. Whereas, a person with a healthy flawless skin will always be comfortable in their own skin and hence exude more confidence than the others.
  1. To Maintain Youthful Look: Products formulated with ingredients, which are rich in anti-oxidants speed up the shedding of dead cells and the growth of new cells keeping at bay issues like sagging, bags, wrinkles, dark circles, tanning, pigmentation and open pores. This slows down the aging of the skin and makes the skin look younger and radiant.
  1. To Inspire Trust: A person having a healthy skin gives an impression that he/she isn’t lazy and makes that extra effort to take care of themselves for the well-groomed look. Looking unkempt translates into a careless attitude and that does not help generate trust in you.

Pointers on deciding the right skincare products:

  1. Explicit ingredient list- You must have heard of products with 'haldi, neem, kesar ke gun' --- you need to be vigilant because these might not be the actual ingredients. Hence, when buying skincare products be sure to look at the list of ingredients.

Note: In Earthraga skincare products, you get what you can read on its ingredients list.

  1. High quality ingredients – The quality of ingredients is also important when choosing the right skincare products. Products with high quality ingredients are more likely to give you desired results.

Note: Earthraga does not compromise on its product quality and uses the best of ingredients for in its skincare formulations.

  1. Organic products- There are plethora of skincare products available in the market, which can be overwhelming for most. However, out of all these options if you had to choose, we would suggest you go for plant-based organic skincare products. Not because they are in trend but because they are the safest and the gentlest treat you can give your skin.

Note: Earthraga skincare products are made of plant-based organic ingredients, which are suitable for all skin types.

  1. Say no to harmful chemicals- Today we are more aware of the side effects of chemicals on our body. Hence, go for products that are free from artificial fragrance and other harmful chemicals like Sulphates, Silicones, Parabens, etc.

Note: Earthraga refrains from using any synthetic or harmful chemicals in its skincare formulations. Earthraga products are free from artificial fragrance and toxic chemicals like sulphates, parabens, silicones, etc.

  1. Cruelty free- Choose products which do not practice cruelty towards animals. Going for organic products is certainly a step in the right direction.

Note: Earthraga products are made with love and not cruelty, especially towards animals. Hence, we do not perform animal testing at any time of our production.

  1. Dermatologically tested- Before buying a skincare product, check if it is dermatologically tested. The term ‘dermatologically tested’ states that the final product has been tested on human skin; hence, it is mostly safe for your skin and in most cases will not cause a skin reaction.

Note: All of the Earthraga skincare products are dermatologically tested and hence are safe to use on any skin type ranging from dry to sensitive skin. 

  1. Certification- With everyone claiming to be the best, it is important to seek for those that are genuine. To know if a skincare brand is genuine, look for their certifications from USDA, GMP, ECOCERT, etc. This assures that the facility from where products are being manufactured are genuine. Such certifications are benchmark for product quality. They help you identify fake from real skincare products. It also displays a brand’s commitment to deliver quality and safety through their products.

Note: Earthraga is one such company that is committed to deliver what is best for its customers. To attest their good manufacturing and quality practices, the products are certified from USDA, GMP and ECOCERT.